Healthy companies benefit everyone

Reimagine employee perks to benefit your team and your bottom line

The buck doesn’t stop at salary

You can’t know your pretax benefits’ performance, unless you can answer all of the following:

What are my employees most happy about?

Is my retention rate really everything it can be?

Are my benefits administered professionally?

Does my team consistently maximize every perk I offer?

Am I 100% confident in my long-term compliance?

Am I gaining traction with the industry’s top talent?

We give you the benefits without the doubt

Melody Benefits is a breakthrough platform that vertically integrates group health, flexible pretax benefits and advanced administration.



In collaboration with leadership and HR, we learn your employee makeup and perk preferences



We custom-craft a comprehensive package of benefits your team will actually love and use



Melody Benefits calls on proven expertise and connections to underwrite your program by the best providers



By handling TPA services in house, we distribute perks and offer support in a frictionless way



For the life of your company, we help employees learn, engage and take advantage of all you offer

Own up as Chief Beneficiary

Reap the rewards as Melody Benefits doubles down on regulatory compliance, and leverages your perks for long-term company growth and talent attraction. That’s how we build your company from the people out.

Better than cash:

a card that buys you everything you need

MelodyBenefits enables employees to offset copays, deductibles, transit and other costs with a swipe. Accepted where credit cards are, it’s the card they take anywhere and takes them everywhere.

Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAs save payroll taxes for both employer and employee, putting pretax monies towards medical, dental, vision, and daycare costs. The Melody Benefits Card is smart enough to auto-identify eligible expenses.

Health Savings Accounts

HSAs are wonderful tax-exempt accounts used to pay qualifying medical expenses, designed to work in conjunction with an IRS-qualified High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

HRAs let you set aside pretax dollars for defined employee healthcare expenses. And when they swipe their Melody Benefits Card, they make effective use of those dollars without incurring any income tax.

Wellness programs

From nutrition services to meditation courses to mental wellness support, Melody helps you create a unique package that rhymes with your particular employee population and makeup.

Spending and managing your money is easy!

MelodyPay Card

Plastic goes personal with our reloadable card. Employees’ perks are securely and automatically added to their card each pay cycle, so they enjoy the power to maximize perks with minimum effort.


An unlimited benefits basket

Melody enables employees to use their benefit dollars freely across healthcare, commuting, cellphone, optometry, dental, childcare..


More support in more languages

We speak human. Unbeatable employee support is provided in multiple languages, helping them resolve questions and issues without management intervention.


The best web and mobile apps

We set up your team with the easiest portal and app, so they can view, manage and track their benefits independently at any time. Less paperwork. More satisfaction.


A full team behind yours

Melody’s exceptional technical support staff always has your back. When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. When you’ve got growth, we’ve got applause.

1:1? That’s the plan

There’s a perk to being an individual: At Melody, we go beyond benefits and utilize our expertise as brokers to provide complete peace of mind with life insurance, financial planning, and retirement planning services.


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