The first health we insure is
the health of your company

Group health insurance is group health insurance, right? No. Healthcare has officially gone chaotic with regulations, rollbacks, carrier mergers, and price and plan changes.
The wrong choice will hurt you.



Turning noise into Melody Benefits

Leveraging 20+ years of group health expertise, we evaluate your coverage needs and design a custom plan to ensure the health of your entire company.

Going to health and back since 1989


Over the past quarter century, we’ve seen every regulatory cycle—and remained standing as industry champions


By leveraging top carriers and top talent, we achieve a perfect fit, deliver impactful savings, and make “no” a no-no


We’re proud to witness how the companies we’ve served all along continue to find success, health and happiness

Structured for savings.
And compliance.

Melody Benefits brings you strategic corporate structuring as an antidote to the complexity of regulation. When pooling multiple corporations under one company, we interface with legal experts and evaluate your existing plans to determine which plans can be made cumulative and what should be kept separate to ensure maximum savings.

Bottom line: more health for your group

Vitals: our health indicators

Average savings
per corporate client
Groups in which
we make an impact
Qualifying rating to be
a Melody carrier

The best in your business

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Perk up: you’ll want to hear this

Melody Benefits is inspired to strategically redeploy workforce funds you spend anyway,
so they go further for both employee and employer.

That thinking led to our new, vertically integrated Melody Benefits platform—a unified ecosystem of
group insurance, pretax benefits, and world-class administration.

Dollar for dollar, our intrinsic approach yields greater employee happiness and performance.

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