Growing your organization through acquisitions?

Get group health insurance solutions that let you save at scale.

Like everything else, group health insurance should cost less at scale.

But because you’re working hard on growth and acquisitions, you don’t have time to research smarter solutions or figure out the best way to structure your groups. We do that for you, with strategies that have saved up to $2M annually for our clients.

Are you a nursing home owner or healthcare group?

We provide leaner healthcare costs.

We also serve many other industries.








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We research, analyze, shop and compare group health insurance, and consult with attorneys when needed. You get cost-saving results with minimal effort.

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A Proven Track Record Is One Thing. Here’s The Other:

We make this so simple, you won’t even need to ask if it’s worth your time.

Get questions answered.

We reply to your questions and requests quickly and professionally.

Enjoy hands-free enrollment.

We integrate with your payroll software to upload and enroll your census.

Keep prices down, year to year.

We put every renewal through rigorous research so you don’t pay more than you should.

We work with your payroll software.

Questions about payroll integrations?

“Looking out for what’s better for us.”

Can’t imagine what it’s like to work with us? Picture this.​

We meet with your HR departments. It doesn’t matter how many you have. We’re used to this kind of thing and have it down to a science.
The next step’s all ours. We put our team to work researching and analyzing, comparing self-insured to fully-insured options, shopping plans and running ideas past our attorneys if needed.

Presentation time! Get your eyeballs on 2-3 different cost-saving options with a full analysis of each. This includes which options your competitors are using…and why.

Enrollments fall into our court. We work with payroll integrations and use your software to enroll your census. We know your company pretty well by now, so we set up an onboarding process to best meet your needs.

We’ll ask you for the 6 key pieces of information we’ll need to get started. You’ll reply with an itemized list, and it’s all systems go.

Get relentless research before every annual renewal. While increases are usually unavoidable, we’ll figure out how to bring increases down from 10% to as little as 2%.