We believe that innovation And integrity should go hand In hand.

Efficiency has a heartbeat. Who knew?

Your business needs authoritative and effective experts. YOU need to interact with humans who care. That’s why our operations are built to seamlessly manage processes and solutions, while our team is cut from a fabric of warmth, integrity, and simple human friendliness.

It’s exactly the balance you need. And it’s why we’re called Melody Benefits.

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Melody Benefits core values

This is why we come to work every day.

Be honest with everyone, including yourself.
Do something better than anyone else can do it.
Where you see gaps, create solutions. Everyone wins.

How it All Began

Our company started out as a private insurance brokerage founded by Chaskie Rosenberg in 1989. Thanks to trusting relationships borne of Chaskie’s personal integrity, the company grew into what was then known as Expert Solutions Administrators. When NY wage parity law came into effect in 2011, ESA immediately developed a wage parity benefits platform in collaboration with attorneys. The company grew and continued to win clients, replicating trusting and dedicated relationships at scale with a highly committed and innovative team. It was rebranded as Melody Benefits in 2019.

This is the heart of Melody Benefits.

Chaskie Rosenberg

Chaskie is an expert life insurance broker with over 30 years of experience. He is the visionary behind Melody Benefits, a volunteer paramedic and community activist. Chaskie’s reputation and personal integrity have helped Melody Benefits grow to what it is today. He makes it his habit to fill needs as they arise. From the Affordable Care Act to NY Wage Parity Law, to whatever tomorrow may bring, Chaskie is at the forefront of the search for win-win solutions.

Shaya Sternhill
Head of Business Development

Shaya is on a mission to help businesses navigate group health insurance and wage parity benefits. He has been a keynote speaker at local webinars, is the face of our brand on LinkedIn and has collaborated with industry attorneys to develop custom, compliant solutions for both wage parity benefits and group health insurance. Shaya is the mastermind behind our innovative digital platform for home health aides, which makes it easier than ever for employees to spend and track wage parity benefits.

Rocio Zucco
Benefits Administrator

Rocio holds a BA in Business Administration and has 7+ years of experience in the industry. She is a talented tightrope walker (figuratively speaking) who manages our client accounts, including enrollment, terminations, and claims. Rocio credits her success to her talented team. With all these warm fuzzy feelings around, she must be doing something right.

Topaz Campos
Benefits Administrator

Topaz is a customer care champion who oversees support for HHAs receiving wage parity benefits. She’s the living, breathing, caring human being behind our live chat support for cardholders as well the formal organizer of our Win with Melody Benefits Program. When Topaz is not busy handling calls, she can be found training new reps or brainstorming ideas to improve our programs.

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