wage parity benefits for New York home care agencies

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New York wage parity laws never stop changing.

Now, they also come with criminal penalties.

Stay compliant with the payroll-integrated wage parity benefits card from Melody Benefits. Leverage the experience of a team that’s been serving businesses like yours for 25 years.

developed in collaboration with industry attorneys

Fully transparent

up-to-date with doh requirements

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“We chose Melody Benefits because of their reputation”

Dovi Greenberger
Four Seasons HCS

“We looked at the different companies out there. With Melody, their reputation precedes them. They do things the right way, a way that benefits both employees and employers. With the other company, it was like “Here’s your bill. Pay it. Goodbye.” With Melody, we know there’s the communication…Melody has a portal where I can go see exactly where employees are spending, how they are spending, what they’re spending it on. That helps me understand what my employees need and what they want.”

Home care admins tell other admins about Melody Benefits.

They say we know the ins and outs of wage parity better than anyone.

(Good reason: we’ve been doing this as long as wage parity has been around.)

What exactly do you get from melody benefits?

You get

A custom-designed benefits programs on our proprietary platform

Your HHAs get

Electronic benefit cards + super-clear guidance on how to use them

Everyone gets

Responsive, friendly customer support and transparent reporting

“With any other company, including our previous TPA, it took at least 2  weeks to get  a report. Now it takes an hour (or less🙂).”

Sarah Knoll, Payroll & Billing Supervisor

Royal Care NYC

Here's how it works


Get the 411

Meet us to ask your questions and talk about your organization and wage parity needs. We design a custom benefits package together with you.

Onboard your account

We help you set up a bank account for wage parity benefits. You send us a payroll report, and receive an invoice for your first month of employee benefits.


Start issuing benefits

We set up employee accounts for you, send out employee benefit cards and give you user-friendly materials for educating your team about their benefits.

Access reports any time

In addition to monthly reports, log in to your portal any time to review:

  • How much money was put into your benefits account
  • How much we issued to employees
  • How your employees used their benefits

Transparency = trust. We get that.


works with

+ most other payroll processors

 Questions about payroll integrations?

“Easy to work with”

At the end of the month, the payroll company automatically sends a report to the team at Melody Benefits. They input that report and send me an invoice. They’re easy to work with. They have a system set up. They know the wage parity guidelines… for the purpose of following legal guidelines and having a smooth transaction, I definitely recommend them.

Marc Freund, CEO

Swift Home Care

“The benefits actually started right away. There was no lag. No issue. They started right away.”

Nicole Laborde, Director

Ideal Home Care

Offer some or all of these benefits in
your custom plan


Phone Bills
New Phone



Uber pool
Lyft shared
Commuter high

Dependent Care


Afterschool babysitting
Summer Day Camp
Adult Day Care
Elder Care
Behavioral Modification Programs



Language courses
Professional courses
Similar expenses
Any educational course

Medical & Pharmacy

COVERS 100+ pharmacy items:

Chest Rub
Blood Pressure monitor
Medical Exams
Lab test
Clinic Fees
Health screenings
Many other medical expenses



Exam & Cleaning
Braces & Crowns
Teeth Extraction & Fillings
Retainers & Invisalign



Exam & equipment
Eye surgery
Contact lenses
Prescription Sunglasses


Retirement Plan

Supplemental Insurance


Hospital Indemnity Specified Disease

Accidental Injury

Life Insurance

Employer-Funded Term Life Insurance

Maximize savings on taxes + overtime
while keeping employees happier
and more productive.

Customize a plan to maximize savings.

Benefits load automatically onto employee cards.

And employees actually use them.

Here's why employees love the Melody Benefits card

It's complicated. NOT.

Employee benefit cards come with super-simple materials explaining how to use them.

We handle questions with live phone support.

Users get our help whenever they want it. We offer support in over 10 langauges.

And... yes. There's an app.

Users view, manage and track their benefits independently at any time on our web and mobile apps.

Satisfied employees = your job, easier

Benefits like these work for both sides

99.9 %
Our clients' employee satisfaction rating
90 %
Our clients' average employee retention rate

Want staff that stays on longer?

Still wondering if you should work with Melody Benefits? Let's break your options down.

Don't work with Melody Benefits

Work with Melody Benefits

“A full understanding of wage parity law”

Other vendors are trying to get us, but we’re comfortable with Melody. They know the ins and outs, know the wage parity laws, what’s a benefit and what’s not. Sit down and talk with them and you’ll see for yourself. Ask them questions. They have a full understanding of wage parity law.

Allen Spielman, Administrator

New Century Home Care

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