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Does my money roll over?

Yes! Your money rolls over from month to month allowing you to grow your account balance. You can manage your account on the Melody Benefits app!

What are some of the eligible expenses; how can I check what mine are?

The benefits you get depends on the agency that you work for. To get a general breakdown of your benefits, give us a call at 833-372-2273.

A claim is a way to receive compensation for eligible purchases that failed to go through with your Melody Benefits card. This includes when you forget your card at home, or the merchant is not accepting the card. Things happen, but we still want you to make the most of your benefits!

Call us ASAP! We will deactivate your card to prevent further fraudulent charges and send you a new one.

To get your pin, call 833.372.2273. Then choose your language & press 2 to enter your card number. After that press 3 & it will repeat your pin for you. If you ever forget it, the automated system is accessible 24/7.

There’s 4 easy ways to check your balance:

  1. Register your account at melodybenefits.com/card to check your balance any time.
  2. Download the Melody Benefits app from the App Store or Google Play.
  3. Sign up for texts & Text “BAL” TO 97487 
  4. Call us to hear your balance via automated phone service

Log in to your account to see your benefits.

Sign into your account to submit a claim and/or set up direct deposits. Or download the claim form and email it to claims@melodybenefits.com or fax it to 781-693-9531.

Log in to your account to see your balance.

The card expiration date is at the front of the card. MM/YY

Yes, the remaining balance will roll over month by month and year by year.


Go to www.melodybenefits.com/card and search for eligible products.

Go to www.melodybenefits.com/card and search for Find a store near you.

Start using it anywhere that accept card payments for eligible purchases.

Go to https://sig-is.org/programs/iias-merchant-certification – Store Locator – Put the zip code

Card will automatically activate on the first SWIPE when you use the card (It must be a swiping motion)

The system will automatically issue you a new card a month before your card expires. Eg. If your card expires 06/21 a new card will be issued to you in May 2021.
Make sure your address is updated or call us at 833-372-2273 to change your address if you moved recently.

Answer the 3 security questions and it will let you reset your password. If you don’t remember the answers, call us at 833-372-2273 and we will help you.


This card holds your wage parity benefits $ provided by your employer. All funds on this card are tax-free, so you can use 100% of it to pay for eligible expenses.

Generally, you will receive deposits once a month based on the hours you work in previous months.

To get an alert every time new $ are added to your card, follow the Register your account and sign up for Mobile Alerts

1. Call 833-372-2273 24/7 use your SSN to check your balance through the automated phone system
2. Log into your account at melodybenefits.com/card
3. Download the Melody Benefits app from the App Store or Google Play
4. Text ‘BAL’ to 97487 to get a text with your balance

No worries! Submit a claim and you’ll be reimbursed. To get reimbursed quicker, sign up for direct deposits.


1 year after the purchase was made.


Yes. If you need to file a claim, save all receipts for purchases made with your Melody Benefits card. Every receipt must show the merchant/provider name, service/item received, and purchase date and total.

No. If you have extra benefits $, it will roll from month to month and from year to year.

Act fast! Call 833-372-2273 or sign into your online account to report it immediately. We’ll deactivate your card and send you a new one right away.

Use your benefits FLEXIBLY. Shop brands you trust, pay with your benefits card

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Did you know?

Melody Benefits always pays for eligible items. If your card wasn’t accepted, you can submit a claim and get reimbursed.

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Each individual caregiver has their own account where they can view more information on their account